We’re Here to Help You Build Your Brands.

We Make and Deliver on Promise for Our ingredients

We are developing new materials and functional products independently for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
with creative thinking and challenging mindset to provide various and new life values.

Also we are continuously grasping the mainstream trend changing in advance as well as preparing ourselves
for nutritionally unbalanced people with the partnership of our world wide partners.

Our Specialties are:

▪ Utilizing new technologies
▪ Commercializing of new items
▪ Developing new materials for customers needs
▪ Making a brand for local materials
▪ Export the products and materials made in Korea

▪ We Source and Supply Everywhere in the World
▪ Market Ready, Science Based Ingredient & Solutions
▪ Hoof Shape Research
▪ Innovative Ingredients & Concept Of Supplement Ingredient

Without satisfying present state, we are always doing our best to provide the best total service
for our customers and market by making future-oriented trends and establishing mutual understanding
with our customers and clients to make them grow.

We Source and Supply

everywhere in the world


ingredients & solutions


Instutional Reivew Board

hoof shape research

Global Company pursuing the health and happiness

ViTech Co., Ltd. is a professional health and functional product company making and developing the materials for functional food products.
We are always make a double assurance for product quality with advanced technologies and facilities.

Future oriented company leading the industry with creative thinking and challenges.
Customer oriented company understanding clients, and creating the values for customers and their satisfaction.
First class company contributing the health and happiness of people.


Innovative Ingredients

concept of supplement ingredient


We Make & Deliver

promise for our ingredients with trustworthy service


Building your brands

we're here for building your brands

Best company with the most advanced technologies

ViTech Co., ltd. is a professional health functional food company producing . developing functional materials for health products.
We are always making double assurance with the state of the art technologies and facilities for the products and quality.